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Country Music with Heart❤️, Spirit🙏 and Positivity🤠

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Listen to what others are saying about Debbie Nunn!

"UK's Hottest Country Chick! Importantly a stunningly

beautiful female singing voice"

- Maverick Magazine, UK

"A hurricane of talent that  doesn't come along very often not since the likes of Shania Twain!"

- KDRN Radio, USA

"Debbie Nunn is going to be the next big Country Music Star! just have a listen!..."

- Radio DJ Larry Bishop FOX 104 Country, Canada

As one reviewer said "HERE FOR YOU is a top quality album chock-full of Country-Pop songs that will appeal to music fans of all ages. In short, if you are a fan of legendary artists such as Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Leann Rimes and others like them, Debbie Nunn is a must have for your music collection".

Few artists are able to bridge the divide between country and pop as originally as Debbie Nunn. With an instantly recognizable sweet vocal tone. Her songs flow between country rockers and beautiful ballads, all mixed with a distinctive homegrown small-town country sound, filled with fiddles, banjos, fender guitars and pedal steel.
Debbie's songs have captured the attention of radio stations around the world. Her anthemic melodies, driving rock grooves and heartfelt delivery make her music the perfect soundtrack to your good-time party or even just a romantic evening in by the fire. Debbie Nunn has a country song that fits your mood.

For a limited time only, Get 3 FREE! songs. Just enter your name and email address and click the 'send me the songs!' button. You will immediately be sent a download link via email to receive your free music. So enter your name and email address now, load up your music player, hit the Road to Love in the fast lane and discover Debbie Nunn's music.
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