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5 Ways Country Music Can Change The World For The Better

Updated: May 14, 2020

Country music has a unique superpower, a unique message more than any other style of music today. Is it possible Country Music Can Change The World For The Better..I believe so and here are 5 reasons why..….

1. Get Closer to Nature, Get Closer to God - Music is a powerful thing, it can bring back wonderful memories or pain experienced through hard times. What do you see when you listen to Country music; wild horses, deep redwood forests, fishing by a beautiful lake? When we go outdoors and get closer to nature, we get closer to God. Blake Shelton tells us 'The Devil went down to Georgia but he didn't stick around’, this is ‘God's Country'. When something bigger than ourselves is in control, we can be free to live in harmony together.

2. Learning, Sharing and Caring - One of the problems people face today is boredom, the old phrase 'the devil makes work for idle hands' springs to mind. It's not uncommon for someone to play piano, drums or guitar but Country Music provides a rich and diverse tapestry of instruments; Banjo, Mandolin or Pedal Steel, how about the Zither or Washboard. There's plenty for everyone to get involved with and learn. Then pass on your knowledge by teaching someone else, after all, sharing is caring.

3. Fun! and Laughter! - We all have a friend who can make us smile, Country Music is that friend. Never taking itself too seriously many a Country song will put a smile on your face. Kenny Chesney said 'She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy' and what girl wouldn't. Maddie and Tae bring us the sassy 'Girl in a Country Song', whose video alone will bring a smile to your face. After all, laughter is the best medicine and Country music has bottles of it.

4. Love - Country music is full of hope, optimism and moral values. The Beatles sang “All you need is love, love is all you need''. Country music expresses deep raw emotion like no other genre. It tells a story from the heart and tells it in a straight forward simple way, that touches all those who hear it.

5. Friends and Family - Country music keeps things real.... Garth Brooks said 'I've Got Friends in Low Places', but do you know what, that's okay. When listening to Country Music we should feel inspired and closer to the billion other souls we share this green and blue ball of wonder hurtling through space at 67,000 mph. That's a lot faster than my little car could ever dream of going.

In a world that is confused about why we are all here, Country Music has the answers, within God, Laughter, Love, Family and Friends. So switch on your radio or computer and tune into the many Country Music Radio Stations around the world. Let us unite, sit back, relax, smile, roll with the punches :-) and enjoy the ride because Country Music Can Change The World For The Better...…

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Thank you for reading, and for being a part of this journey with me. It's because of your support that I am able to continue to do the thing I love most. Thank You.

Until next time,

Debbie Nunn. x

P.S - I would like to Thank all the Radio Stations and DJ's that play and support my music. Thank You. x :-)

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