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The Compilations

My songs can be found on many popular compilation albums. Here are just a few:

Modern Country Music : Debbie Nunn

54 tracks, great modern Country compilation spread over 3 discs feat. three genres as they are today 'The New Country Sound', 'Folk & Singer - Songwriter' and 'Back To The Roots'!. Featuring the hit single 'Bubbles' by Debbie Nunn. (2013/Universal)

New Country Rock Vol.4

New Country Rock Vol 4 : Debbie Nunn


Country rock is on the advance! Reason enough to serve this fan group with the meanwhile fourth issue and a lot of new cool contents. Also this Compilation rocks and completely "gets under the skin" - quite simply honestly, down-to-earth and cool. Like rock bluesige element comes as well as at last here not too briefly highlights form Eric Heatherly: - the singer born in Tennessee, Gittarrero and song writer has a title to the TV crack "Grey's Anatomy" contributed or Kevin Chase, in Canada quite more announced Country-Blues rocker or also John Carter... Cash... the son of Johnny... Cash and featuring the hit single ' Say Something Good ' from Debbie Nunn.

New Country Rock Vol.5

New Country Rock Vol 5 : Debbie Nunn

MODERN COUNTERY ROCK are proud to present Volume 5 of this brilliantly compiled series. This time it's even better and more successful than it s forerunners!!! Enjoy listening to hot country songs and cool new songs ! featuring the hit single ' Hey Girlfriend ' by Debbie Nunn.

New Country Rock Vol.6

New Country Rock Vol 6 : Debbie Nunn

Debbie Nunn's hit song Aint Going Out Tonight is on the latest New Country Rock Vol 6

New Country Rock Vol.7

New Country Rock Vol 7: Debbie Nunn

Enjoy the very best hits in modern country rock by Confederate Railroad, Debbie Nunn, Bonnie Tyler, Vince Gill and many more. Featuring the hit single ' Who's Been Sleeping In Our Bed ' by Debbie Nunn.

New Country Rock Vol.10

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