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Debbie Nunn announces New Single 'Gotta Get Away'

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Today! Debbie Nunn announces 'Gotta Get Away' as the second single to be released from her new up and coming EP.

Debbie says, "When everything around you get's a little crazy and let's face it sometimes it does. It's time for a break, it's time to put everything down, pack up your bag and take a holiday. Sometimes you've just 'Gotta Get Away' for some sun, sea, sand and wine! :)".

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, this Country/Pop rocker follows hot on the heels of Debbie's incredibly successful single 'Live The Dream'. Debbie's new single 'Gotta Get Away' has that perfect all-year-round-feel-good vibe. This song just could be the perfect party cocktail to enjoy whilst lazing around by a poolside.

Debbie says, "When I heard the final mix played back, I really let my hair down and danced around the studio :), I just love it!".

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