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Discovering the Road to Love with Debbie Nunn's Driving Catchy Country Road Trip Song

Updated: May 12, 2023

British country singer songwriter, Debbie Nunn's single, "Road to Love," is the perfect driving road trip song that captures the spirit of adventure, romance, and discovery. With lyrics that talk about finding true love, this song has the power to inspire and uplift listeners as they travel through life's journey. This road trip anthem is the perfect accompaniment to any adventure, whether you're cruising down the highway or exploring the back roads of America.

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The opening lyrics, "Nights sleeping alone, all on my own, no one to hold," set the tone for a story of someone who has experienced heartbreak and loneliness. It's a relatable feeling that many people have gone through, especially when they are on a road trip and feeling homesick. However, the song takes a turn when the lyrics describe the moment when you meet someone who changes everything.

"I was lost with no direction, then we made the right connection," sings Debbie. It's a moment of clarity that many people experience when they meet someone who brings them out of their darkness and into a new, exciting chapter of their lives. The song then transitions into a chorus that celebrates this newfound love, with lyrics like "On Lovers Highway, somewhere on the Road to Love, a sign will lead me to your heart." The imagery of a sign pointing the way to someone's heart is a powerful one, and it sets the stage for a song that is all about following your heart and your dreams.

The song is written by British hit songwriters and long-time friends of Debbie's, Barry Upton (5,6,7,8 - Steps) and the late Tony Hiller (Eurovision Winner 1976 - Save All Your Kisses for Me) it’s the first release from Debbie this year with many more music releases planned throughout 2023.

“I remember the first time ‘Road to Love’ was played to me. I have worked on numerous studio sessions for some of the UK's most prominent songwriters who crafted songs for top-charting acts. I heard the song and knew it was for me and that I just had to record it”.

Turn up this feel-good factor song that was mixed and mastered by British Producer/Songwriter Spencer Jaye who has written songs for the legendary Nashville based publishing company Acuff-Rose, Sony Music and Universal Music. The song features Grand Ole Opry member and Nashville musician Pat Severs who has worked with Johnny Cash, Trace Adkins, Charlie Rich, Anne Murray, Don Mclean and the Everly Brothers to name a few.

Whether you're driving down a dusty road in the middle of nowhere or cruising along the coast with the wind in your hair, "Road to Love" is the perfect song to inspire you to follow your heart and your dreams. So, turn up the volume, hit the open road, and let Debbie Nunn's beautiful voice guide you on your journey to love and happiness on the "Road to Love".

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Road to Love (Official Animation Video)

Debbie Nunn Online:

Video link in this blog: Debbie Nunn - Road to Love (Official Animation Video)

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