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From Russia With Love - My Story

Updated: May 14, 2020

In this iconic movie, James Bond (007) travels to Russia, where he must rely on his wits to escape with his life in a series of deadly encounters. This sounds a little like my story when I travelled to Russia to perform. Ok, maybe not quite so dramatic and I didn't have any of those Bond-style spy gadgets, just a microphone, and a suitcase :)

In this iconic movie, James Bond (007) travels to Russia...

My Russian adventure began at the airport with one of the oldest airlines in the world, Aeroflot. The airline's history can be traced back to 1923 and I have a feeling the plane that I was on was made that very year. :) I imagined having to grab my parachute halfway through the flight to save myself as the plane went down to its doom. I've told you before I have a wild imagination.

As soon as I landed into Russia and stepped off the plane, I had a camera man follow me around filming everything I did. I had some radio interviews to do before my live performance, but had a little spare time in between., hmmm let's go shopping :) :)

Something, you may not know about me is I love to shop, especially for shoes :)

Do you remember the scenes when Bond (007) gets strapped to a chair and has to escape. Well, I found a pair of shoes I just loved, I asked the shop assistant if I could try them on, she nodded and asked me to sit in a hard wooden chair. The shop assistant then began to strap my hands to the chair. As you can imagine I was a little shocked and asked What are you doing? She explained that customers run off wearing the shoes without paying. A strange customer experience, but effective :)

I'll cut to the finale of my Russian adventure, as in every good Bond film, our hero (007) dives through fire as everything around him explodes. So you must promise not to laugh at what I am about to share with you next. Whilst visiting Russia, I performed on a Russian show, which was great fun. The producers of the show failed to tell me about the grand finale at the end of my song, the pyrotechnics. So I was happily performing the song until everything around me started exploding, whizzing and banging. If I had been told and prepared for the big show stopper I probably wouldn't have run off the stage in fear for my life, but hey! these things happen. I'm still waiting to see this clip appear on one of those 100 Top Most Embarrassing Things To Happen On Live T.V, maybe one day it will surface... :)

Something, I will not forget about my visit to Russia is how amazing the Russian people are. The chauffeur who had been assigned to me from the production company invited me back to his home to meet his lovely family. They were so kind and generous, they did not have much, but what they had, they shared with a little English singer visiting their country. Such beautiful people and an amazing experience, fingers crossed one day I'll return to Russia for a sequel but for now, it's From Russia with Love.

Please consider picking up a copy of my music - it really helps me to create even more music :)

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Thank you for reading, and for being a part of this journey with me. It's because of your support that I am able to continue to do the thing I love most. Thank You.

Until next time,

Debbie Nunn. x

P.S Please leave a comment below with any feedback, questions, or just to say hi.



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