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How Listening To Dolly Parton Made Me A Better Lover.....

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

How Listening To Dolly Parton Made Me A Better's true every word of it :)

So I was sittin' on a bar stool in a barbecue joint in Nashville, Tennessee. When this old fella walked in and sat right down next to me. He said girl you're mighty pretty, girl you're looking fine. But tell me little sugar pie, Do you remember your first time!

Well I didn't know what to say! I nearly fell off my stool but the old fella continued...…….

I'll tell you something true, from one person to another, How listening to Dolly Parton made me a Better Lover...…..

That was it....I swiftly left as fast as I could...called a taxi and I went back to my hotel room.

The strangest thing happened, for some reason the old fella's words kept running around my mind all night long. I couldn't sleep, so I switched on the night light and out came Dolly's greatest hits.

First up, the worker's anthem 9 to 5, confirming to us all, we are slaves to the grind. Next the tongue in cheek 'Why'd You Come In Here'. I remember the video for this one, the Queen of Country looks amazing in it! A quick listen to the bittersweet 'Salt In My Tears', confirms you are worth more than you lost, you will get through it and will be stronger for it.

Next track, the hauntingly beautiful 'I Will Always Love You', this track has no doubt been responsible for putting many a couple together. We all know Whitney Houston took this song to Number 1 for several weeks. What some may not know is another megastar wanted the song decades before Whitney. The King himself Mr Elvis Presley wanted to record 'I Will Always Love You' but Dolly turned Elvis down due to his demand for a high percentage of the songs copyright. This was too much for Dolly, so we learn a valuable lesson, don't give it away until your sure it's the right partnership :)

What Dolly's music gives both men and women alike is empowerment, a gentle confidence and self-worth. Dolly's music and lyrics are a gift, always remember these pearls of wisdom 'All you have to do to make it right is just......touch your woman'. Maybe that's what the old fella meant when he said I'll tell you something true, from one person to another, How listening to Dolly Parton made me a Better Lover...….. :)

Thank you for reading my little tale.

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Until next time,

Debbie Nunn. x

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