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Making the Video Debbie Nunn 'Summer Sun' Behind the Scenes

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

This is a behind the scenes look at the making of my music video 'Summer Sun'. You may remember me telling you that Spencer and I direct, produce and edit all the videos we make. Sometimes, we even make the props :). Well, for the 'Summer Sun' video we did all of this and more. Even putting Spencer's life at risk with some daredevil filming :) When Spencer and I look at some of the crazy things we do, we just laugh.

Below are some pictures and video clips we found in our archive. I hope you enjoy them :)

The car scene was fun and shot entirely on green screen. Because of this we needed a background that looked like I was driving. Cue daredevil Spencer and stunt driver Deb. We both set out into the countryside to get the shots we needed. I drove my car as fast as I could along a country road whilst Spencer hung out the back of the car boot, lying on his stomach, to get the camera as low as possible to the ground. The life of a :)

Not my car but the studio owners - who kindly let us use it for the day - I had to promise not to sit on the bonnet :)

We spent many hours building small stage boxes and painting them in the garden, using wooden crates and packing pallets. Also some bits and pieces from Ikea :)

Let's hope it desn't rain :) our weather in the UK is so unpredictable..

Bright coloured boxes everywhere

Waiting for the music to be queued for the next take...Lights! Camera! Action!

More tech monitoring the recorded footage from the cameras...Spencer does love gadgets and So do I