• Debbie Nunn

Music, Toys, Dolls, and Teddy Bears

A picture of me with my original teddy bear that I sang to as a child, he tells me his my No.1 fan :)

What do I remember from my early childhood? I can clearly remember having my very own private audience. An audience captivated as I sang, danced and performed in my bedroom. An audience made up of my toys, dolls and teddy bears.

Like many little girls growing up, I dreamed of being a singer. When you are young everything and anything seems possible. The imagination of a child makes the impossible, possible. I was energetic, joyful and had a wild imagination. In the bubble of my own little musical world, I could be the director, the producer, the choreographer and the star-singer. I would line up my toy's, one by one, getting ready for the big show. The curtain would go up, which was my mum's bed blanket and I would sing...….

Fast forward a few decades, a record deal, publishing deal, several tours and a million other musical experiences along the way. I still love that feeling of creating, performing and singing to YOU, the audience. I guess what I am trying to say to YOU is that the most important part about making music is the audience, that's YOU, the listener, the supporter, the one who cheers us musicians on to do better. YOU are the one that makes music matter. Because if YOU are not on this musical journey with me, then there is no magic. Magic happens, when a little girl who once performed to a room full of teddy bears, get's to perform to YOU, get's to sing on your radio, be heard on your iPod, be added to your playlist, seen on your computer/TV screen. The very thing she once imagined impossible, becomes reality. Her dreams become reality, her dreams come true because of YOU.

If you'd like to hear some of the music I have written and recorded on my musical journey, please click here and select an album or single to listen to.

Thank YOU for being the audience, the listener, the supporter and for making it all matter.

Debbie Nunn. x

P.S Please leave a comment below with any feedback, questions, or just to say hi.


Honky-Tonk Bars, Hollywood Stars, and Heaven

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