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From my home to yours...this private and intimate performance has been recorded especially for you. I can’t thank you enough for your kind support. Your support helps me to keep making music! Thank YOU!

Here's How it Works...

How to Get your Virtual Ticket to the on-demand streaming Secret POP-UP Show!
  1. Join my Members Only Area ( do this by clicking the Member Area Log In link at the top of the page and choose Sign Up) - watch this video for more detailed instructions
  2. Check your email inbox for the activate member account email from me (remember to check your SPAM folder)
  3. Login to your Member account
  4. Click the £ icon on the video player below to buy your virtual ticket to the show - PRICE: £2.99

I'm hoping these Secret POP-UP shows will brighten your day and bring the magic of music into your home. The Secret POP-UP Show on-demand virtual streaming ticket will be valid for 72 hours. Just sit back relax and enjoy the show at a time that's suitable for you. Within those 72 hours you can view the show as many times as you like. Thank YOU for being the audience, the listener, the supporter and for making music matter.
Debbie x​
Click the £ icon to BUY YOUR TICKET to the SHOW -  via ON Demand Streaming

Click the £ icon to BUY YOUR TICKET to the SHOW - via ON Demand Streaming

Watch Preview
Rent £2.99

Bringing the magic of music to your home..

Like many little girls growing up, I dreamed of being a singer. I grew up in a small town, working class family in Buckinghamshire, England, so the reality of actually one day singing somewhere like Las Vegas seemed a million miles away. As beautiful as Buckinghamshire is, my heart desired the life of a singer on the road. Like so many, I grew up listening to music on the radio and also buying records. Music brought so much excitement for me. Whether I was singing along to songs, learning lyrics, buying the latest record releases, or even watching the artists perform their songs on T.V. The excitement of the music was magical!

Wait, there’s a SPECIAL OFFER for YOU! GET a memento...

Buying music and merchandise is a great way, to take home a memento from the secret POP-UP show virtual experience, and it shows you’re support. Thank YOU!!
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