"Bubbles" is the second single from Debbie Nunn's album "Here For You" (2009). It was shot by Rob Wyatt at the Abbey Studios in the United Kingdom in March 2010. Debbie Nunn also directed the video herself together with her song writing partner Spencer Jaye.

The song "Bubbles" entered the Top 10, just two weeks after it was send to radio stations everywhere, at several Country Music and/or Christian Music Charts across Europe.

Summer Sun

The summer isn't least not yet, because Debbie Nunn is sending her new music video to the TV stations around the globe.  „Summer Sun" is the third single from Debbie Nunn's „Here for You" album. And again Debbie took also the seat as co-director of the video. She pays tribute to clothing styles in the 60's, 70#s and 80's and if you take a close look also to one of her favourite TV show "The Brady Bunch". 

The video was shot in August 2010 at the Abbey Studios in the United Kingdom.

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