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Behind The Song - Born To Love You - A Classic Love Story with a Twist

Updated: May 6, 2020

Born To Love You is a song from my first album 'Always In Heart'. It's a driving upbeat song with a sentimental edge. Sometimes, it's hard to pin down where the inspiration for a song comes from. This is one of those songs, the story just seemed to appear on the page as Spencer and I wrote it.

It's the story of a boy and girl meeting during a summer holiday in the swinging 60's. The young teenagers fall in love, spending the whole summer together. At the end of the holiday they both go their separate ways, their lives changed forever but...

Here is a YouTube video featuring the audio version of the song - Born To Love You

Years later a chance meeting sees the lovers thrown back together and old feelings quickly rekindle. One of my favourite sections in the song is the little twist in the story during the 3rd verse. It goes like this:

We talked all night

How things, they use to be

He walked me home to meet my family.

In front of him, my little girl stood

Blue scruffy jeans in a red top button hood

Look deep within her eyes

I'm sure you'll see

A little part of you, a little part of me

She was Born to Love You....

It's very subtle in the lyrics but a lovely tender moment in the story, when the boy, now a man finds out their summer romance had grown into something more. A beautiful little girl.

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Until next time,

Debbie Nunn. x

Video link in this blog: Born to Love You (Audio):

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