Always In My Heart CD (Physical)

Get this Exclusive and Limited CD! - Read why this CD will never be printed again


  • Full-color artwork, lyrics, & credits booklet

  • 11 fully-mastered songs

  • Jewel case & CD

  • Choose between regular or autographed!


"What A Woman Wants" kicks back with attitude? Shania, Dixie Chicks, Martina. Watch out, this girl is posting her notice of intent to country music. I am convinced that this is the way forward in country music
Grab a copy of Always In My Heart and start the swing to the future now!"


*I process orders daily!  Orders are usually received within 7 business days in the UK and international orders within 12-14 business days. Yes, CD orders are lovingly packed and sent by me. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or contact via messenger and I am always very happy to help! Thanks! Debbie. x

Always In My Heart CD (Physical)

Choose between regular or autographed!

    Honky-Tonk Bars, Hollywood Stars, and Heaven

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