World On My Shoulders (Digital Music)

 'World On My Shoulders' is the third single to be released from her eagerly awaited forthcoming EP.


Debbie said, 'It seemed like the right time to release this song. The song is such a personal song to me as I wrote it when I was going through some tough times. I clearly remember not having a great deal of money when the idea for this song came to me. I had lots of outgoings and not so many incomings. Hmmm, not much has! I remember being out in my hometown when I phoned Spencer (my song writing partner) and started singing the chorus to him over the phone and he loved it!"


As with Debbie's recent singles and previous album, her new single 'World On My Shoulders' was recorded in the home of Country Music, Nashville Tennessee. Debbie said, "You might think because the title of the song is 'World On My Shoulders' that it's a sad song, not at all!, it's a song of hope and belief that I'm going to get through what life throws my way, I think we need this right now!"

World On My Shoulders (Digital Music)

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